@rnattochdag Writing Devlog
  1. Advent of Code 2021: Day 1 - Sonar Sweep

    Solve day 1 of Advent of Code 2021 using Rust

  2. Redirect www to non-www in Cloudflare

    Create a 301 permanent redirect from www to non-www in Cloudflare

  3. Save disk space by deleting unused node_modules

    Reclaim a lot of disk space by deleting unused node_modules from projects that you are not actively using

  4. Safely position fixed content on newer mobile devices

    Use one CSS function to safely position fixed content on mobile devices with notches and home bars

  5. How I add Tailwind to my ReScript projects

    How to add Tailwind CSS to a ReScript project

  6. ReScript: FFI basics in React

    How to create bindings for common React patterns in ReScript

  7. ReScript: Connect to localStorage using FFI and functors

    Use ReScripts FFI to connect to the browsers localStorage

  8. ReScript: Using useContext in rescript-react

    How to move a useReducer to useContext in ReScript using rescript-react

  9. ReScript: Adding new actions to an existing useReducer

    How the ReScript compiler helps us when adding new variants to a useReducer in rescript-react

  10. ReScript: Using useReducer in rescript-react

    How to switch from React's useState to useReducer in ReScript using rescript-react

  11. ReScript: Using useState in rescript-react

    How to use React's useState in ReScript using rescript-react

  12. ReScript: Adding a third-party library

    How to add a third-party library to your ReScript code

  13. ReScript: Using React components

    How to use React components in ReScript using rescript-react

  14. ReScript: Creating a React component

    How to create React components in ReScript using rescript-react

  15. Testing React createPortal with Testing Library
  16. Close all open Vim buffers except the current
  17. How to lint HTML using CSS
  18. Testing ReasonML at Sweden's largest property portal, Hemnet