Rickard Natt och Dag

Hej! I'm a developer from Sweden. I enjoy making user-friendly websites and creating tools that make life easier for other developers. I currently love working in ReScript and Rust.
Latest TIL

Here are interesting things I found while browsing the web. It's ideas and thoughts, new findings, and reminders regarding software development. I see it as a second brain for all things related to development and a way for me to practice Learning in public.

This is heavily inspired by Lee Byron's TIL and builds on top of my initial attempt with my Devlog.

  1. using intl with hindi and arabic numbers
  2. organize panes in tmux
  3. rename windows in tmux
  4. organize and document key mappings in neovim
  5. sort lines in vim
  6. solving my hydration issues in React 18
  7. neovim key map helper in lua
  8. suspending vim
  9. migrate dotfiles to lua
  10. my code editor journey
SEBSenior Fullstack Developer-  

SEB is one of the largest Swedish banks.

ArizonDeveloper Consultant-

Arizon is a IT consultancy and startup incubator.

HemnetFrontend Developer-

With 2.8 miljon unique vistors each week, Hemnet is Sweden's biggest website when you're looking to buy or sell your appartment or house.

I was part of the Seller's Experience team. This team handles the "behind the scenes" of a sale. Everything from the broker adding your listing, you purchasing additional packages for better exposure of your listing to a dashboard where you can follow statistics on the sale.

IteamDeveloper / Head of Tech-

Iteam is a development consultancy working mostly in-house.

My work focused on front-end, but also backend (Node) whenever there's a need. We use React and React Native with TypeScript, but recently we've also started using ReasonML. We write all code using TDD and Jest. API integrations are made using GraphQL, with some REST.

Here's a list of all the projects I've a been a part of at Iteam
MatHemInteraction designer-

MatHem delivers groceries directly to your door, either as a prepackaged concept with recipes or as individual products of your choosing. MatHem has been selected as one of the best Swedish online stores two years running by Internetworld.

My job was mostly front-end development. I made mockups in Photoshop and then implemented the HTML, CSS and some jQuery on the website. I also made flash banners for advertising campaigns.

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Supreme is a command line tool that helps you get up and running fast with new apps. It can currently generate rescript-react apps with Tailwind CSS, GraphQL APIs with examples for queries, mutations and subscriptions using TypeScript and React apps with both TypeScript and JavaScript. It can also help you install and generate commonly used configs for things like prettier, husky and jest.
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re-intl helps you with date, number and currency formatting in ReasonML (BuckleScript). Everything is built on top of Intl which comes built-in with browsers >= IE11 as well as Node.
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Sort codes, clearingnummer in Swedish, are four or five digit identifiers for Swedish banks. This package helps you find the bank related to a specific number.
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Telefonnummer is phone number in Swedish. This package formats all Swedish phone numbers, both mobile and landline, to a standard format.
WCAG Color
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According to the WHO an estimated 1.3 billion people live with some form of visual impairment. This includes people who are legally blind and people with less than 20/20 vision.

This library helps you achieve the accessibility standards for color contrast outlined in the WCAG 2.0 specification.

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A Slack bot that controls a Sonos system. We use it at Iteam as a collaborative music player. It can do pretty much everything from managing the play queue, control playback, list most played songs and even contains some hidden easter eggs.
Workout of the Day
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A collection of competition and benchmark CrossFit workouts but also workouts that I've made. A combination of two of my passions code and CrossFit.

I've also made a version of the app in Elm.