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There are a bunch of ways to import React. Below are all the valid formats of importing useState from React. They have all been used at different times throughout the history of React. Read Kent C. Dodds’s blog post below if you want to read a great summary of the differences.

// global

// CommonJS
const React = require('react')

// ESModules default import
import React from 'react'

// ESModules named import
import { useState } from 'react'

// ESModules namespace import
import * as React from 'react'

Since React 17 was released we don’t need to import React explicitly because of the new JSX transform. This means that only the final two formats above are needed today.

I would recommend using the last format, the namespaced import, with some of the benefits being

No need to update the import every time we need something else, like useEffect or useReducer.

Namespaced versions of the hooks are immediately obvious where they came from. Maybe you are also importing a custom useState hook. Down the line it will be easier to maintain because you don’t need to look up which of the hooks you have imported.

import * as React from 'react'
import Auth from './auth'


To make it easier to type I would recommend adding a snippet for it in your IDE.

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