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til / using dataview to collect meeting notes

I’m not a great speaker. But, I think I’m a decent writer and I use this to my advantage whenever I need to speak in front of others. I write down what I want to say and read through it multiple times, trying to cut or rephrase to make it as clear as possible. I read it out loud, as slowly as I can, since it will probably be faster when it’s done live. Even though I have a manuscript, it most likely won’t be precisely what I say on the day. This is fine and good. I want to avoid reading from a paper, but the routine of creating a manuscript helps me be concise.

When a feature is ready to be merged, we do demos for the team. At the end of each sprint, every other week, we do demos for a wider audience of stakeholders. Since I’ve already prepared notes for the first demo, the bigger demo becomes easier. I can even adjust what I say based on questions that popped up in the first demo to make it clearer.

For team demos, I create a page with a set title and today’s date, e.g., “Demo to team 2022-10-05”. This contains what I want to say, setup needed (branches, environments) and how to reproduce the issue.

At the end of the sprint, I create another page and insert my demo template. It looks like this.

LIST WHERE regexmatch("Demo to team \d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}", file.name) AND file.cday >= date("2022-09-27") SORT file.name ASC

This query will find all pages named “Demo to team” with an ISO 8601 date. It then filters the list to only include files created in the last 14 days using Templater (2022-09-27) and sorts them by name.

Now I have a list of everything I’ve done, with notes, over the last couple of weeks.

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