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I’ve always found it easier to express myself through writing and these notes were started as a way of practicing that. I kept it up, at least fairly frequently, for three years. But, in the last year I’ve lacked inspiration, even though I’ve wanted to write.

For me #

The notes haven’t felt “good enough”, they needed to be perfect. The absolute opposite of why I started this. It was supposed to be a bunch of random notes. Some more thought through, some fleeting thoughts that could be continuously improved upon (if I wanted to). The notes could even die.

This is supposed to be for me. If others find value in it, then great, but it’s ultimately for my own benefit.

I love stats, but it’s part of the problem. Seeing the numbers go up or down makes me think too much about perfection. It makes me write for someone else.

Connections #

I want the notes to be atomic and connected. The way I’ve structured them has worked against that. It’s more like a traditional blog, ordered by creation date. I want to improve this.

Consuming #

I’m consuming a lot of content, but I don’t use it. I watch something and forget most of it shortly thereafter. I want to be more intentional with my consumption. Actively think about the content.

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