Editor / terminal

  • My preferred editor is neovim. I've used all the other editors over the years, but neovim makes me work most efficiently. Here are my dotfiles for the curious.
  • My editor font is Cascadia Code. I used to love Dank Mono but was suffering from integration problems with my terminal.
  • My editor theme is a port of Night Owl by Sarah Drasner to vim.
  • My terminal of choice is kitty with tmux on top of it. I've tried going back to Iterm2, but it feels so sluggish after using kitty.


Desk setup

  • I use a 15" MacBook Pro. 2,7 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM, Radeon Pro 460 4 GB, 500 GB HDD. Really dislike the touch bar and built-in keyboard, so it's mostly used tethered.
  • My keyboard is a WASD with Cherry MX Clear switches and a custom color design. I've used it for 3.17 years and couldn't love it more. I've paired it with an Apple Magic Trackpad 2. I also have a Razer Goliathus Control mouse mat because I like the feel of it.
  • At work I have a Swedstyle desk and a RH Logic 400 chair. Dreaming of a home office with a Jarvis desk and a Hermin Miller chair.